Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Get Your Business on Google’s First Page for Free

It is the dream of every business online to be on the first page of Google search results. The benefits you will get from it are huge, which—among other things—is lots of traffic. I mean constant traffic. The free method you can use in reaching this coveted position is by writing pillar content on your business blog.

So what is it with Google and pillar articles? Google loves to answer people’s questions, and it uses pillar articles to do that effectively. This kind of post has some benefits attached to it:

It brings new readers to your blog.
Other websites will link to your blog.
It is a timeless post that will continue to bring more readers to your blog for a long time to come.
It will bring in traffic from search engines.

5 Ways To Make Money From a Blog

Every day you read about people who are making money on their blogs. It’s no wonder you think this could be the business model for you.

You might love to write and feel that sharing what you have to offer via a blog is the perfect path to online success. Before you run off and quit your day job, take a look at the potential ways you could make money from a blog.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3 Benefits of Having an Online Business

Have you considered opening an online business or moving your current business online? Now is the time to do it! Here are three benefits of having an online business to help you make the leap:

1. Easy to Relocate – Go Global

In life, we sometimes make sporadic life changes, such as relocating. This may be due to finding a job in another state, moving to make a better life for your family, etc. When making a huge decision to relocate, the first thing entrepreneurs will think about is their business.

Imagine being able to pick up and move anywhere you want in the world and still be able to run your business effectively. Well, by having an online business you can. Relocating will not affect you nearly as much as it would for someone who has a physical business location.

An online business allows you to go global from the comfort of your own home. Corporate America has even adapted to this concept. Several companies allow their employees to work from their homes without ever having to come into the office. Companies now have employees across the country because of the convenience of an online business.

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